Summer weather and freedom were calling this morning.  Despite a fun weekend and interesting projects at work, life has also been a lot of To Do Lists and deadlines.  My soul was craving a day where no one needed me and schedules and lists were optional.  Today was IT.  At 7:50am I let my employer know I was not coming in, and I ditched the work clothes, heels and jewelry for shorts, t-shirt and my favorite sandals.  I grabbed two books I’ve been meaning to read, threw them in the basket of my bike, and took off pedaling.  I had no destination in mind, I just wanted to GO.

I ended up riding down the Canal Tow Path beginning in Broad Ripple, with the thought that perhaps I’d go to Holcombe Gardens at Butler.  Once I got that far, though, I wanted to keep riding.  It was so quiet at 8am, with only the soft crunch of the gravel under my tires, accompanied by birdsong, the splash of a startled turtle, or the occasional croaking frog.

A little further on, I was getting close to the Art Museum, where the tow path runs between the canal on one side and the White River on the other.  The scent was pure Nature at her most lush and green.  Heaven.

I realized I had come upon the 100 Acres, an arts park which surrounds a lake and holds art installations in the woods and the fields.  I was the only one there.  So quiet.  I saw a doe…and she saw me.  I stopped riding and we held eyes for a moment in the stillness before she bounded off.  I then came upon this:


The Park of the Laments.  The name alone was enticing, and who could resist entering the tunnel, with stairs at the end leading somewhere mysterious?  I rode in, parked my bike and walked up.  This is where I was led:


I was all alone here.  The morning light hadn’t yet warmed the dew off  the grass.  I had that surround bench all to myself, and I kicked off my sandals, laid face down on that bench, and let the sun shine on my face.  Nothing could have ruined this moment for me.  Pure bliss.

After leaving the park and riding home in my happy fog, I was humming a little ditty and saying hello to the animals I passed – the turtles, the frogs, the birds, the muskrat, even the geese (!).  After a rest on my front porch with my husband, I headed to the ArtsPark to take in the latest exhibits inside, photograph the sculptures outside, and sit on the deck that overhangs the White River, to (finally) read the book I had brought.

It was an excellent play day, worth every second of work I will have to make up tomorrow.

Get out and see whatever art you enjoy.  Be sure to see, smell, hear, and touch Nature today.  Both are waiting to heal you.