Ah, it was a soft evening, and I was in a Noticing state of mind, which means it’s time to take a stroll.  Noticing Mind is usually a good thing; my eyes seem to take in everything around me, even the tiniest objects.  I should probably mention that Noticing Mind is NOT a good trait when driving, which accounts for me having more accidents than the average person.  Ask my State Farm agent.

In any case, off I went, taking pictures when I spotted something, because who knows if I’d ever see it again?  These are once in a lifetime sightings, friends.  Here is what caught my eye:

Snail shells on the levy.

Snail shells amongst the rocks


One ripe mulberry – see it?

Sun shining through dandelion heads.

Sun shining through dandelion heads.

Noticing Mind also finds things that aren’t necessarily beautiful, such as this:



Come on, now Mr. Chipmunk.  If you must smoke, please properly dispose of your cigarette butts.

Noticing Mind also brings out the touchy feel-y part of me, and I don’t mean the tender and sensitive side.  I mean that I want to touch everything I see – the sharp edges of ornamental grass, the velvety petals of flowers, the wisp of spiderwebs on the branches, the rough bark of a tree.  My neighbors likely think I’m a little touched in the HEAD, but I can live with that.

I did sort of obfuscate the truth (look it up) when I said Noticing Mind didn’t bring out the tender and sensitive side of me.  I can’t help but be moved by tiny flowers, or the bunny bouncing away from me, or the ridiculously lovely softness of Lamb’s Ears.  I think you would be, too.


I wish you could touch this.

Here’s hoping that you can put on your own Noticing Mind sometime soon.  There are simple, lovely miracles awaiting.