Our family recently returned from three days at a lake house.  Just thinking the phrase “lake house” is relaxing, isn’t it?  You can almost breathe more deeply and think more clearly just imagining it.  For my kids, the magic of the lake is found in various water sports, in activity. For me, the magic is in the lake and its ability to affect my senses and my mood.

There is loveliness to be found in Nature’s many incarnations of water, whether it is the ocean, a still lake, a lazy river, or a trickling stream.  It touches something primal in us, captures our attention and invites us to just sit with it.  Take it in.  The reflection of light, the scent of wet vegetation, the feel of mighty waves or lapping eddies.  I love water in all its forms, but I especially love lakes.  My experiences this week:

Peaceful – when the water is calm and a morning rain is moving in.  I watch as Mama swan, followed by 4 babies and bookended by a protective daddy swan, glide by.  Fishermen are standing still very still in their boats, save for the arc of their cast, patiently waiting for the curious and hungry beneath the surface.









After the rain, I’m feeling happy and grateful – rainbows always inspire awe in me, but a rainbow over a lake is transcendent.












Later that night, a wicked but gorgeous lightning storm takes over the lake.  It’s exciting and a little bit scary, the water taking on the mood of the lashing wind, slapping loudly against the piers and acting as mirror to the flashes of lightning.  This too touches something deep in me, making me feel more alive, more in touch with the real world.


How about you? How has being near a lake – or any other body of water – marked you?