“Not all who wander are lost ” — JRR Tolkien.

This describes me in the best way.  What might look flaky to others – my incessant diving into new projects and skills, only to move on to something new in a few months – is just my mode of being.  I AM wandering, but I’m tasting as much of life as I can.  Nope – not lost at all.  Some interests have stuck:  gardening, reading, being outside.   These three also work nicely together, in that I love my backyard garden.  I love, yes LOVE to pull out the weeds to keep it pretty, I like to move plants around each year, or add or subtract flowers depending on the color combinations that will most please my eye that year.  Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds visit, and when the weather cools and I’m left with only seed heads and rosehips, the birds enjoy the garden too.  This enchanting place makes for a great spot to sit in my comfy, cushioned loveseat and read.  This is my Happy Place. I never wander far from all it represents to me.