Love_heartToday’s Think Kit prompt: Talk To Someone!  

Interview at least one other person about their favorite moments of the year. Share what you heard.

I was fairly sure that if I interviewed anyone at work, they’d wonder why I was bothering them with such “nonsense” at the busiest time of the year – so I interviewed my kids.  “What was your favorite thing about 2013?” The 13-year-old didn’t hesitate at all about the highlight of her year:  conquering her fear of roller coasters.  Now she’s a fiend and can’t get enough of them.  The 17-year-old said, “Well, you know, my mission trip to Honduras.”  I pressed, “But what was the most special part of that trip?”  “Oh, Mom…you know.”  This was over text, by the way, so hardly fodder for a blog post.  It was my 15-year-old son, a kid of few words, whose answer made really made me smile.  He said simply, “Hannah.”  Because the boy is in the throes of First Love and he’s not afraid to tell anyone.  Did I say it made me smile?  It does. It also breaks my heart.

This is no reverse Oedipal complex.  The object of his love is a darling girl, from a wonderful family, and I adore her.  No, the mixed emotions come from seeing my little boy, the one who got in trouble in preschool for peeing on the playground, the one who used to run around in batman pajamas and a cape for days at a time, the one I used to have lightsaber fights with…he’s growing up.  He is in Love with a capital L.  He wants to protect this lovely girl from everyone and everything.  When she is feeling sad and talking it out on the phone, he actually listens, and then can have her laughing by the end of the conversation.  Get this: he will actually go shopping with her and her whole family just to be near her.

I can see into the future, though, and know that there will be a breakup, and that he will experience the opposite of heady infatuation.  He will, in fact, be so heartbroken that he will think his life is over, that he will never love anyone else to that depth again.   I don’t know if I’ll be able to comfort him in any way.  It will be the first time that neither food nor a new Xbox game will cheer him up.

For now, I will just look on while he loves, grows, and learns.  Any mothers have sage advice for me?