Think Kit Prompt:  What made you laugh out loud?  Share something that was humorous or funny.

I don’t think I can narrow it down – I love to laugh and find so many things amusing!  First of all, I am lucky to have spent 19 years married to a jokester.  I don’t mean pranks or jokes at the expense of others; he sends me into fits of giggling and tears with his one-liners and exaggerations some days.  He’s also a master of retelling stories from our everyday lives in such a funny way that it causes me to appreciate and remember those “everyday” bits of my life even better.  Do I find him hilarious because I love him so much, or is it the other way around?  Hard to know!

And then there are cat videos.  I could watch for hours.  I watch my OWN cats and laugh, and my puppy makes me laugh with his bouncing around and fierce shaking of a stuffed animal. We even had a small lizard once, and his skittering around was a hoot. I laughed today watching a porcupine “talk” (Thanks to Sarah Murrel’s Punchlist post in Punchnel’s). Animals are generally hilarious, unless they are eating each other, so I avoid watching that circle of life business.  

Really, there is even humor in brain surgery.  When we first saw dad after surgery (with 30 staples in his head) we said, “Dad, it went great! How are you doing?” And he answered. “I’ve got a headache.”  We HOWLED.  He’s said some pretty hilarious things since then, in his less lucid moments.  Is it wrong to laugh at someone who is not in their right mind?  I think not.  He would do the same if the situation were reversed.

I wish everyone a good belly laugh today!