Several times a year, my goal is to exercise more.  I tend to get really excited and committed for a couple of months, yet just when I am starting to feel stronger and more fit, and my pants are fitting more comfortably, I lose interest.  How I wish I were one of those people who seems wired to get out and MOVE!  I’m just not.  I was the child who sat inside reading books, or sitting in an apple tree daydreaming – not the one that played sports or rode my bike all over the neighborhood.  There are so many good reasons to exercise.  It’s good for my heart, my muscles, my mind, and my mood.  Studies show that regular exercise helps me retain muscle and bone mass as I age, and this is on my mind very much as I watch my parents grow older and weaker.  And yet….I can’t seem to maintain any momentum for more than 3 months.

This year, I resolve to NOT throw myself into another I-will-get-up-every-day-at-5am-to-exercise tizzy. One step I can start immediately towards getting more exercise is to walk my puppy every day.  Wearing him out before the 7pm crazies hit him – when he starts to nibble on everything in sight, relentlessly chase the cats, and jump all over family members – will make all of us happier, and the two of us a little healthier.

Puppy eating Bible.

Yep. That is a Bible he chewed up. Devouring the Word.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox – Today’s prompt: What’s one step you can take to support a goal you have for 2014?