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Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul. –Dorothy Day

“How do  you want to be involved in your community this year?”*

This is a topic I’ve been musing for the past couple weeks.  I tend to enjoy the doing, rather than sitting on a board or being on the fundraising committee.  After  reading “Toxic Charity” by Robert D. Lupton, I’m much more interested in educating than in mere giving.  I can narrow it down even further in that my heart leans towards helping families, even more specifically towards children.  I have tutored homeless schoolkids through School on Wheels before, and this is tugging at me again. I wonder where else I can serve?

This question is being asked down the well of my soul, and there seems only to be echoes, no answers.  I often feel that I am doing so little to make the world a better place.  I have friends who are social workers, nurses, teachers of all stripes, or they actively work for nonprofit agencies doing great work for those in need. It concerns me that I spend my 40+ hours a week in marketing, and it has always been in the technology field of some sort.  My current employer counts many not-for profits as customers, and we often discount our services in exchange for acknowledgement from the podium, being part of the corporate logo loop, or being listed in the event program, but that’s just business – more marketing.  My day-to-day seems so far removed from meaningful work.  *Sigh.*  We all want to feel worthy, si?

I’d love to hear suggestions.

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I love my neighborhood.  I love Broad Ripple in general, but I love MY part of BR, called Warfleigh (and pronounced “War-flay”), tremendously.  It’s quirky.  Many different households here; neighbors who have been here for 30 years or more, singles, families with young children, empty nesters.  Yet what I really appreciate is the variety of houses in such a small area – a range of materials, styles, and sizes.

For instance:  there are two Lustron homes in our neighborhood.  If you’ve not heard of a Lustron home, they are prefabricated steel houses, launched in the 1940s.  The parts were shipped to you, with directions, and you built it yourself.  All steel, inside and out, with enamel ceramic on the outside.  Never needed painting.  The catch?  You couldn’t use nails to hang anything – only magnets!  Here are a couple in the ‘hood:



This has the added loveliness of 8 pink flamingos.

Our homes come in a great range of sizes, too, from the tall…


…to the Small.


A few more examples of Warfleigh home diversity:


Those familiar to Broad Ripple:  I KNOW!  Huge, amazing lot!


This makes me feel as though I should have a nice, dainty cup of tea…..


This one has been written about in the Indianapolis Star – I’ll dig for that and post the link when I find it.  This is facing the canal, thus the balcony and awning on top.  I guess it’s waterfront property if it’s facing the canal?  🙂  Notice the black wrought-iron spiderweb doors..

If you know what style of homes these are, please feel free to comment and enlighten me.  I’m a fan of historical architecture and would like to learn more.

See you next time, when I’ll post the Details Of Warfleigh — interesting things I’ve noticed in the neighborhood, peeking from landscaping, or on the chimney….you’ll just have to wait and see.

“Not all who wander are lost ” — JRR Tolkien.

This describes me in the best way.  What might look flaky to others – my incessant diving into new projects and skills, only to move on to something new in a few months – is just my mode of being.  I AM wandering, but I’m tasting as much of life as I can.  Nope – not lost at all.  Some interests have stuck:  gardening, reading, being outside.   These three also work nicely together, in that I love my backyard garden.  I love, yes LOVE to pull out the weeds to keep it pretty, I like to move plants around each year, or add or subtract flowers depending on the color combinations that will most please my eye that year.  Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds visit, and when the weather cools and I’m left with only seed heads and rosehips, the birds enjoy the garden too.  This enchanting place makes for a great spot to sit in my comfy, cushioned loveseat and read.  This is my Happy Place. I never wander far from all it represents to me.


My sense of smell is pretty amusing to my family.  Countless times I’ve walked into a room, sniffed like a hound, and asked, “What IS that?”  The only response I get is groans:  “Mom, your NOSE.  Jeez!”  But most of the time, it’s a blessing to have the kind of senses that I have; I can smell a lilac bush a block away, the salty scent of ocean sends me into happy-spasms, and you can bet I catch the aroma of burgers on a grill long before anyone else does.

Of course, there is the dark side of premium odor-detecting.  I am assaulted by smells that others don’t even notice.  The whiff of dirty clothes in an upstairs bedroom overwhelms me when I walk in the front door.  That same grill that held lovely-smelling burgers smells pretty rank the next day if not cleaned, even with the lid closed.  And if you had onions with your lunch, I don’t care how much you brushed your teeth, I will still smell it while we are talking.  The odors that offend everyone?  Worse for me.  I’m mouth-breathing while cleaning a litter box, and broccoli that has overstayed its welcome in the crisper is gag-inducing.

Still, I wouldn’t give up this bionic sniffer for anything. Yes, it’s problematic, like the way my eyes catch everything (see “Noticing Mind Goes For A Walk”).  Yet – it’s just one more thing that helps me experience life more fully, able to take in ALL of it, the good and the bad.  Love me, love my incessant sniffing and inhaling.

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