This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox, wherein participants receive a writing prompt each day of December.  I’m behind, but catching up RIGHT NOW!

The first prompt was to sum up my year in photos, and I found myself flummoxed by this. I waded through all the photos of fun family vacations with my husband and three teens, and though I can see we’ve had a great time this year, those weren’t the photos that spoke to me.  I have photos of our new kitten (adopted May 1) and our new puppy (adopted November 13), which could relate to readers some new beginnings in our home, but those weren’t the ones I wanted, either.

It was the photos I took on my “noticing” walks that called out to me.  For this blog, I took a series of photos around my neighborhood of the details that most people wouldn’t notice: interesting shadows, tiny objects, plants growing in the cracks of concrete.  This is where my mind likes to live – in the noticing and noting.

In this same frame of mind, I offer this one photo as a reflection of my year:

On my right wrist.

On my right wrist.

It represents my “noticing” this year that I am not fully living the life I was meant to.

I work in a very conservative environment (politically and sartorially) and had to think very hard before getting this tattoo, despite its deep meaning to me and the fact that it speaks volumes about my moral and religious beliefs.  I felt strongly enough about expressing myself that I forged ahead.  A small victory to most, but a big one for my soul.

It also reminds me that though I take peace & justice very seriously, someone looking at my day-to-day life would not know that about me.  I intend to change that, whether it be working on behalf of the marginalized through more volunteer work or through a new job. I’m excited about this prospect.

Thanks, #thinkkit, for making me think deeply.