Us in the dance tent.  Brian just moves his shoulders a little.

Us in the dance tent. Brian just moves his shoulders a little.

“What event stood out for you this year?” asks Think Kit.

The first WARMfest in Broad Ripple park over Labor Day weekend was an outstanding event for me.  Although I’ve lived in Broad Ripple for 20 years, I’ve never really explored the park like I did that weekend.  Brian and I rode our bikes there, and had a great time listening to bands that were new to us, trying out delicacies from the various food trucks, and enjoying Sun King beer.  There were DJs in the dance tent all day too (including my fav, Rusty Redenbacher), where hula-hooping girls, families, and hipsters danced.  Music, food and beer, all in one place – ! – but it got even better. There was a vintage/handicraft festival within the music festival, too. I loved carefully stepping my way through the exposed roots of maple trees to see what was in each booth, discovering antiques, jewelry, and several quirky goods. I bought a silver ring with my birthstone in it to commemorate the day.

I can’t finish without mentioning Yoga in the Park that Saturday morning, also part of WARMfest.  There were a lot of yogis getting their “om” on in the park, and there was something mesmerizing  about moving through asanas in tandem with so many others on the grass and in the shade of the trees.  Singer/songwriter Michael Franti rolled out a mat with us, too.  He may be famous, but yoga reminds me that we’re all One in this big, beautiful world.

I hope for another WARMfest next summer, when I can soak up more of that glorious adventure.

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