I’m having a sleepy, sluggish day.  Maybe it’s the gray winter weather, or post-Christmas blues. Maybe now that my dad is recovering well from surgery, my mind can relax. Today, my body said DO NOTHING.  There was a little coulda-shoulda-woulda going on in the brain:  grocery, laundry, take down Christmas decorations, cook something decent for the family….but none of it had to be done today.  Not really.  So I slumbered off and on, moving from couch to bed then back to couch.  Reading a little, sipping green tea, eating carbs.  I tend to have a day like this every two or three months; my body seems to demand it, just kind of shuts down for a day.  I’m old enough now to listen when my body speaks to me, rather than pushing when its really not necessary.  I can hear my mother’s voice in my head now, wondering how in the world could I NAP when there is so much to do?  I seem to have not inherited my parents’ Protestant work ethic, that calls for NO FUN until the WORK IS DONE.  

I wonder how others feel?  Can you rest when needed, or must you always be “on?”  Why do you think that is?