At the quiet but insistent bonging of my Zen alarm, I stretch, fumble into pajama pants and yawn my way down the stairs.  I can already hear pup Kelso in his crate, doing his little “It’s morning!” dance.  I slide open the locks, and he wiggles out, leaning into me and licking me, nearly knocking me down.  “Kelso, chill,” I say, just like every other morning….and he does. He sits, cocks his head & looks at me.  Huh.  Weird.  “Come, Kelso!”  He trots beside me into the kitchen, sits by his bowl and waits patiently while I get his breakfast.  He eats, drinks his water without sloshing and slobbering it all over the floor, then walks to the back door to go outside.  I let him out, then turn to the cats – Roxy, the princess kitty and Loki, the nutty one.  Neither one is sprawled on the kitchen counter, but instead are sitting prettily on the floor, looking up at me expectantly and quietly.  I spoon their food into their respective bowls, and Loki actually eats out his own, rather than bullying Roxy to get to hers first.  This morning is turning out awfully peaceful. I realize that I have awoken with the magical powers of a Pet Whisperer.  I have become a modern-day Dr. Doolittle.  Kelso comes in from outside and sits, raising each paw in succession for cleaning without once biting my hair or tearing off after the cats, skidding muddily across the kitchen floor. Wow.

Somehow, I know I only have this power for today, so I take full advantage of it.  I ask all the furry ones to play nicely, and they frolic together without any hissing, biting or clawing. I take all three for a walk in the neighborhood and the four of us walk side-by-side, no leashes necessary.  This is so bizarre that the neighbors are taking photos and videos, and posting online. When we are back at the house and it’s time for me to settle down and work, they all snuggle comfortably together on top of my feet, keeping them warm on this snowy day.  Such peace!  Such harmony!

At the end of the day, Kelso walks into his crate, yawns, and falls immediately into a deep sleep with no snoring or gassy expulsions.  Kitties Roxy & Loki sleep at the foot of my bed, rather than kneading my stomach, then stepping on my face in order to sleep on top of my head.  I sigh, burrow into the covers, and thank God for the magical day, knowing tomorrow our normal chaos will reign.

From the WordPress Prompt “Do you believe in magic?  What magical power do you have, and what will you do with them?”